Everyone I know has needed some catharsis during the pandemic, and I got mine by watching Lord of the Rings. The films and the books are close to my heart, but it had been years since I sat down and gave the series my full attention.

I’m finding that my thirties are the decade where I start to have new perspectives on the things that mattered when I was growing up. The series has always been an emotional viewing experience, but Teenage Me mostly enjoyed it for the action and Orlando Bloom’s face. This was the first time I really…

A year ago, my life was very different.

I thought I had found the right path. When you work for a nonprofit, you can go home at the end of the day and say, “I just put eight hours towards something worthwhile and unselfish.” It’s a buzz of goodness that takes the edge off the material sacrifices most of us accept to work in this field. I could earn a salary and feed my soul at the same time.

I went into nonprofits because I couldn’t stomach the private sector. After library school, I spent about a year and a…

I was scrolling Twitter in the last few weeks and saw a lament that made me pause: “Where are all the nice billionaires?”

You ever roll your eyes so hard it almost hurts?

I’m a fundraiser. Specifically, I’m a prospect researcher. As someone who spends their professional time mired in the activities of the wealthy, I am here to tell you: We don’t need nice billionaires.

We need taxed billionaires.

Avoiding taxes has become a sort of twisted merit badge in the U.S. It’s something you brag about. No one avoids more taxes than the ultra-wealthy, and no one looks…

Christine Bariahtaris

Writer and professional fundraiser.

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